Lightning hits house while they were filming

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Lightning hit It’s R Life’s house while there were filming their Video Blog (vlog) for their YouTube channel. No one was harmed. They called the fire department just to check on the house and make sure the house was not on fire.


I think the family used good communication skills to work through their panic. However, I think sitting next to a stainless steal appliance during an lightning storm is rather fool hardy. I would rather sit in a chair and pick up a good book, which I am always behind on reading. Personally I like to go through a mental checklist when things go wrong. I prioritize my friends, family, and personal property to come up with an action plan. When I feel that my family and friends are safe I will turn my focus onto my TV and computers to make sure I unplug them during a lightning storm. I do not always rely on surge protectors to keep my equipment safe, they can only handle so many strikes and can fail if not replaced after a few big storms if you always leave them plugged in.

Fun Fact

Did you know that lightning puts off X Ray radiation?

What do you think? what would you have done different? comment below?

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